Little Shadows Hazel Figurine Gothic Fantasy Cat Fairy Ornament


From the creative minds of Nemesis Now’s darkly imaginative in-house design team emerges this Gothic Fantasy Fairy figurine, a captivating piece within the alternative Little Shadows collection. Adorned with wings reminiscent of autumn leaves, the youthful Fairy dons a striking red dress, flaring out to reveal black ruffles beneath. Her corset-style top boasts long, lacy sleeves cascading down to her wrists, while thigh-high black and white striped boots, crowned with silver skulls, complete her enchanting ensemble. Around her neck, a pentagram pendant and a dainty choker accentuate her mysterious allure. At her feet, an uncannily intelligent black cat, wearing a matching pendant, gazes up with an otherworldly intelligence, its sinuous tail wrapping around one of her legs.

Casually cradling a succulent red apple in her right hand, the Fairy’s long black hair dances in the wind, adorned solely by a silver lunar crescent. Her calm gaze, framed by green eyes, invites you to partake in the allure of the forbidden fruit. The figurine’s base is adorned with crescent moons and pentagrams, meticulously hand-painted after being crafted from the finest resin. This statuette stands as an ideal gift for those who find themselves drawn to the temptation of forbidden delights.