Pokémon Charmander Light-Up FM Alarm Clock


Wake up with your favorite Charmander alarm clock with the FM radio songs. Charmander accumulates energy in his body during the day and releases it in the evening to light your room with the led light diffuser in soft orange colour. This well-designed alarm clock is multifunctional: you can listen to FM radio, and program your own alarm to wake up and it displays the hour, the date, and the temperature of the room for a healthy environment. The clock can be plugged into an AC adaptor (Not included) or powered with Battery 3x AAA (Not included) making it portable to travel with. Charmander is a fire-type Pokmon. It has a flame at the end of its tail, which symbolizes its vital energy. It’s a great buddy to watch over you when you fall asleep. A Perfect companion for your kids from 6 years and up and Fans collectors