Sloffee Mug And Eye Mask


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Sometimes it’s good to just slow things down a little, and what better way to ease up on the pace of modern life than with this Sloffee Mug and Eye Mask Set!

Inspired by the unhurried master of taking things easy, this great gift set is the perfect way to wind down and indulge in a little me-time. A standard sized drinking mug with a cute sloth design, the Sloffee mug is the perfect way to enjoy your favourite drink while putting your feet up.

The set also includes a cute sloth eye mask, meaning when it’s time to enjoy some well deserved shut-eye, there’ll be nothing to disturb a peaceful night’s sleep. Featuring a closed-eye print of a sleeping sloth, the eye mask is a great gift for those who see the lovable sloth as a lifestyle trailblazer and trendsetter.