Unicorn Straws

Unicorn Straws

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Add a generous measure of magic to any drink with this set of fun Unicorn Straws. A set of two drinking straws with unicorn designs, the extended necks of these legendary mythical creatures make them perfect for long glasses and are a great way to enjoy a refreshing drink. 

By placing the body of the Unicorn Straw in the base of the glass, the neck of the unicorn will stretch and bend to provide the ideal drinking straw. The straws can then be washed out after use to be used again and again.

A great way to liven up refreshments, the Unicorn Straws are a perfect gift for children, ideal for parties, and provide fun amusement as a more interesting alternative to standard drinking straws. Featuring a distinctive magical horn, the unicorn is a mythical creature with mysterious powers, and is always a favourite for children of all ages.

Unicorn Straws are part of the Noki gift range from Paladone. Noki aims to create humorous quirky gifts for everyday use at home. With a focus on being fun and functional, Noki gifts are a great way to liven up the kitchen, making everyday accessories more enjoyable.